JC-1 and JC-10 – Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Probes

The membrane-permeant dual-emission potentialsensitive JC-1 dye is widely used in apoptosis studies to monitor mitochondrial health by flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy and in microplate-based fluorescent assays. JC-1 dye can be used as an indicator of mitochondrial membrane potential in a variety of cell types, including myocytes and neurons, as well as in intact tissues and isolated mitochondria. JC-1 accumulates in mitochondria, selectively generating an orange J-aggregate emission profile (590 nm) in healthy cells. After cell injury, as membrane potential decreases, JC-1 monomers are generated, resulting in a shift to green emission (529 nm). JC-10 is superior analog of JC-1.