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Gram Staining is a differential staining technique most widely applied in all microbiology laboratories. It is one of the most important criteria in any identification scheme for all types of bacterial isolates. Different mechanisms have been proposed to explain the Gram reaction. There are many physiological differences between Gram-positive and Gram-negative cell walls. Ever since Christian Gram has discovered Gram staining, this process has been extensively investigated and redefined. The Gram staining allows a fast differentiation of bacteria in Gram-positive and Gram-negative.

Gram Staining Kit All-In-One K0037 1 Set (4 x 250 ml bottles)
Gram’s Crystal Violet Solution* G0060 250 ml | 2.5 l
Gram’s Iodine Solution* G0065 250 ml | 2.5 l
Gram’s Safranin Solution* G0061 250 ml | 2.5 l
Gram’s Decolorizer Solution* G0062 250 ml | 2.5 l
Gram’s Fuchsin Solution G0064 250 ml | 2.5 l

Products marked with * are included in the All-in-One Kit.